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We enable people to easily measure & collect their health related data, make sense of it, manage it and improve their health, anytime, anywhere.


Access your data from your mobile, web or PC


Your data is safely stored and available to you anytime and anywhere

Better Insights

Easily make sense of your data, and react better

Better Support

Stay connected with your caregivers and loved ones


Your personal health companion guiding you to a better quality of life

Better Service

Access your patients’ data anywhere anytime

Cnoga’s technology changed my life. Their products are easy, simple, and effective.  

– Vince Lombardi

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Cnoga Medical Is Everywhere!

Cnoga Medical is everywhere!

Cnoga Medical is everywhere! In China! In India! In the Himalayas! In Turkey! In Brazil! In Czech Republic!…

Dr. Zur With Cnoga Medical In The Himalayas

Dr. Zur with Cnoga Medical in the Himalayas

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