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Focus on what matters

Singular eCare and Clinic enable screen the important events for you. You can configure additional events to help you focus on the critical events for your patients, saving valuable time and increasing your productivity.

Bird's Eye view of your patient's health

Singular Clinic & eCare analytics empowers you to explore the patient’s data take through simple, informative pre-configured reports that will help you understand the patient’s health both on the macro and on the micro level.

Explore the patient’s health related data through:

  • Interactive graphs
  • Trend graph & percentage summary overview
  • Measurements distribution
  • Statistical high-level report
Patiens Statistics
Patiens Statistics
Patiens Statistics Screenshot 20170705 173728
Connections – Requests
Connections – Requests
Connections – Connected
Connections – Requests Connections – Connected

Detailed Analysis For Each Parameter

Deep dive into detailed analysis for each parameter. Analyze your health-related data using our interactive graphs to understand the underlining causes for the trends in your data.

  • Additional interactive graphs – scatter plot, quatitive report, and histogram
  • Parameter indices  
  • Detailes measurement history per parameter

Document your patients clinic visits

We made it easy to manage a patient’s visit to your clinic. In 3 clicks you’ll be able to open a new visit, add a new measurement and save your notes. Efficiency, Productivity and a fast learning curve were our goals when we design this process.

Spesific Visit
Note For Visit
Note For Visit (visit View)
Visits Spesific Visit Note For Visit Note For Visit (visit View)
Secure Email
Secure Email

Secure Email

Our in-system email enables you to talk to your patients directly and receive different kinds of medical data. Our system is highly secured – your data and your patients data is safe with us.

The new way to manage your patients

You can set up alerts for specific parameters, view the the patients long and short terms trends & history, fine tune the ranges for each patient, and so much more.

Patient Profile
Patient Profile
Patient Hisotry
Patient Alerts
Patient Ranges
Patient Profile Patient Hisotry Patient Alerts Patient Ranges