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About the Company


Cnoga Medical is a Medical Devices Data driven company which develops a complete solution incorporating noninvasive medical devices and a cloud ecosystem for Remote Monitoring Patients

Headquartered in Israel, and subsidiaries in Shanghai, China and Sao-Paulo, Brazil, the company was founded in 2004 by Dr. Yosef Segman, a technology innovator and entrepreneur, who has led product development from the early stages through a strategic partnership with Texas Instruments Inc., to commercialization in Europe, Asia and South America. The company’s Medical Advisor is Prof. Eli Zuckermann, who is a member of the Faculty of Medicine at the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology.

Cnoga Medical is pursuing a future in which people conduct simple, needle-free blood tests in the comfort of their own homes or other locations. Cnoga’s systems have undergone extensive clinical trials, are registered to ISO13485:2003 and are being commercialized in Europe, Asia and South America. The devices have been CE certified as a 2a Medical Device since May 2014 and the company has received FDA approval for marketing the blood pressure and pulse (PPM) devices.


Four light emitting diodes (LEDs) within the finger compartment shine discrete wavelengths from visual light to infrared light and sensing in a continuous spectrum, ranging from 600 nm to 1150 nm, through the fingertip.

As the light wave passes through the fingertip, some of it is absorbed and the light signal is changed. Next, a camera sensor, similar to that found in professional digital cameras, detects the changed light signal in real time. The signal is passed on to a processor, which digitally splits the signal into three hyper planes: red, green and blue.

Here’s where Cnoga Medical’s unique breakthrough comes into play: using patented algorithms and a vast amount of data – there are over 68 billion color combinations – from the processors, our TensorTip devices compute and analyze the correlation between the signal and bio parameters

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