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About the company

CnogaCare is a leading Digital Healthcare company which develops complete end to end solution for Remote Patients Monitoring integrating innovative Noninvasive Medical Devices and Digital platforms

CnogaCare has combined its in-house Noninvasive technology with digital healthcare platforms through partnerships and by bringing in innovative development capabilities. CnogaCare technology is growing to encompass a combination of artificial intelligence, deep learning, noninvasive devices, and digital platforms, with which CnogaCare is positioning itself to become a significant player in the digital healthcare revolution.

CnogaCare is pursuing a future in which people conduct simple, needle-free blood tests in the comfort of their own home or other locations combined with full digital diabetes care and healthcare platforms to prevent chronic diseases and improve life quality.

CnogaCare platform has undergone extensive clinical trials, is registered to ISO13485:2016, certified and commercialized in Europe, Asia and South America and is in FDA submission process in the USA.

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