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Living healty was never one of my virtues, and as an accountant with my own business, I work all day long with clients and have been doing so for almost 15 years, so I used to save time by eating fast and sugary food, barely had time to excersize and way too much coffee.

Diabetes was always around but I never thought I will have anything to do with it really. Unfortunately, many years of bad habits and bad nutirtion led me to a critical point in my life when my doctor looked at my yearly blood test results, shoock his head and was silent for a few seconds. After I asked what’s wrong with my test, he explained that if I will not change my life habits and start taking better care of myself I will become diabetic very soon. I remember having one thought in my mind – I want to be here for my family. But I guess his worning didn’t sank in and since nothing has changed within no more than 3 months I became a diabetic with A1C level of 7%.

I had to face a new reality and fast. Researching the internet for days and reading almost every article out there didn’t change much. The only solution was to actually be healthier and check my blood regularly. There is no way around it.

Pricking yourself with a tiny needle few times a day may sound like a small matter for the average person. It’s just a tiny needle pricked into your finger about 5 times a day. Not a big deal, right? Well, I was terribly wrong. The need to hide the feeling that you are not well, the constant tiny pricking that becomes so irritating and painful as the day goes on, all become intolerable.

Searching for other solutions I came across an online group of fellow persons in the same situation. After speaking online for some time sharing our stories, questions and ideas, I finally met with a friend from the group who told me of the CoG glucometer. She, like me, has her own business, works a lot with clients and she too was looking for something more convenient and less painful to measure her blood sugar levels. She told me of this device and that it was developed in Israel. She marveled about this device – how easy and convenient it is, and showed me how she is measuring her blood glucose levels noninvasively – without pricking herself.

Somewhat skeptical and yet intrigued, I looked up this device online and finally decided to purchase one. I got it after a few days, the company contacted me to give me a one-on-one online training, which was very helpful. After a not-so-easy 3 day period of calibration in which I had to prick my fingers about 8 times a day, this CoG device started to give me readings of my blood sugar levels which were measured noninvasively and painlessly. From time to time the device requests me to prick my finger and get an invasive measurement and I don’t know when it will do so. And that is why I have to carry with me the device and its additional supply – strips and pricker. But the pouch is small so it isn’t a deal breaker.

Today, I can measure my blood sugar level frequently, easily and painlessly. Even around other people(!) I don’t feel anymore the need to step aside to be able to prick my finger privately to get my blood sugar levels. I can measure myself noninvasively out in the open, in public places without hesitation. I even forgot that painful feeling of the constant pricking. True, from time to time, the device does asks me for an invasive measurement, but it is nowhere close to the frequency I used to do it before I had this device.

The easier the procedure of measuring my blood sugar level got, the more health-conscious and health proactive I became.

The CoG device has been a game changer for me and I can proudly say I am one of the first to use this innovative product.

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