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Bird's Eye View of your Health

myHealth analytics empowers people to take control of their health by improving the way health-related data is explored and understood, enabling well-informed and impactful decisions.

Explore your data with:

  • Interactive graphs
  • Trend graphs & percentage summary overviews
  • Measurements distribution
  • Statistical high-level report
Statistics High Level Analytics
test2 Detailed Analytics

Detailed Analysis for Each Parameter

Deep dive into detailed analysis for each parameter. Analyze your health-related data using our interactive graphs to understand the underlining causes for the trends in your data.

  • Additional interactive graphs – scatter plot, quantitative report, and histogram
  • Parameter indices  
  • Detailed measurement history per parameter

Easy to understand, informative reports

We reinvented the lab reports and made them easier to understand while keeping them very informative. In addition to giving you high-level statistics, we also give you simple-to-understand, low-level detailed analysis of each measurement you perform.

We provide you:

  • Measurement Report
  • Measurement replay capabilities
  • Notes & additional documentation options
123 Easy to read reports
Email Secured Email

Secure Email

Cnoga’s in-system email enables you to talk to your healthcare provider directly and share different kinds of medical data. Our system is highly secured – your data is safe with us.

Effective Documentation

myHealth saves you the time of documenting the measurement history for several devices. In one click you can safely save your measurements and come back to them or share them later.

screencapture-singularwebea-cnoga-net-patientPort-toHistoryRecord-1500466005799 Simple History
screencapture-singularwebea-cnoga-net-patient-toShareList-1500467756032 Secured Email

Share your data in 3 clicks

myHealth enables you to connect with your healthcare provider and share with him/her all your measurement history. Once you connect with your healthcare provider, he/she should be able to view and guide you in real time regarding your situation.

We provide you with:

  • Easy, and intuitive way to connect with your healthcare provider
  • A more efficient way to sync you and your healthcare provider
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