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Combo Glucometer (CoG)- Non invasive Glucometer

With CoG non-invasive glucometer you can take the first steps to painlessly monitor your diabetes, prevent long term complications and feel better 

  • Non-invasive Glucometer
  • No pricking, No pain
  • Personal Device
  • For Adult Diabetics (age>18)
  • Suitable for Type1 and Type2
  • Small and Lightweight – ˜100g
  • Compact and Easy-to-use
  • Unlimited usage
  • 500 Measurement memory
CoG non invasive glucometer

The Most Accurate Non-Invasive Glucometer

Now you can keeping close track of  your glucose levels as many times as you want without pricking yourself. Find patterns that will help you manage your blood glucose levels more effectively

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Calibration Process

The Combo-Glucometer combined of invasive and non-invasive modules

  • CoG is the most accurate non invasive glucometer due to its initial personal calibration phase. 
  • The CoG is your personal glucometer that adapts to the changes in your life style that effect your glucose patterns during the day
  • During the calibration process each non-invasive measurement will followed by invasive test
  • Once you are calibrated you can insert your finger in the finger chamber, close the lid and get your glucose levels in less than a min
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Non-invasive measurement of blood Glucose levels without the need to draw blood



Use at home or in public without fear or embarrassment as often as you wish


Portable & Easy-to-use

Place your finger, close the lid and measurement start automatically



Monitor your daily glucose levels as many times as you wish

CoG non invasive

The True Non-invasive Glucometer

Measure your glucose levels anytime, anywhere without pricking yourself

CoG Non-Invasive Glucometer
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How to Use


Step 1

Calibration process


Step 2

Insert your finger and get your glucose level


Step 3

Improve your health by better managing your glucose levels


The CoG non invasive comes with a snap-on, invasive glucose reader for an initial personalized calibration phase to ensure the utmost accuracy and precision

Device Range:
Invasive module capability test scope: 50-500 mg/dl (2.8-27.8mmol/L
Non-Invasive module tested scope: 70-440 mg/dL (3.9-24.4mmol/L)

Weight: 112.9gr

Storage: 500 measurments history management

Dimensions: 42.8mm x 48mm x 82mm (H x W x L)

Power Supply: FW8002MUSB, Input: 100V to 240V; 50-60Hz Output: 5VDC, 1400mA

All supplies required during the initial calibration phase are included with the CoG

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