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A release of the VSM

After many years of research and development, we can now introduce our new TensorTip VSM (Vital Signs Monitor). This product replaces the Oximanometer.

We now can perform this measurement by using our TensorTip VSM giving you the waveforms you need.

VSM output info:

1.    Blood pressure with the difference that it is continuous and not a spot check as you know it today.

2.    Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) which is also continuous

3.    Pulse monitor

4.    Continuous Blood Pressure Waveform that currently no mobile device can give you where the stroke volume can be determined

5.    Fingertip ECG – this again is continuous and emulates the current ECG graphs your get today with probes connected to the chest

6.    Peripheral Pulse Waveform


 The VSM device has CE Clearance and we will start supplying the market by the end of March 2011. Please contact us for prices.


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