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CEO and Chief Scientist – Cnoga Medical Ltd. Israel

Chairman- Cnoga Medical Ltd. China

Chairman of the Board –Cnoga Medical Ltd.

Dr. Segman is a mathematician, researcher and an innovator.

Dr. Segman holds a PhD Degree in Mathematics from the Israeli Institute of Technology and was selected by the Technion as a distinct D.Sc. student to receive honors from the Israel Parliament.

During the years 1992-1995 Dr. Segman served as a guest researcher and lecturer at Harvard University and Siegen University Germany. He published papers on Wavelets, Signal Processing, Computerized Tomography, Optimization Methods and Brain Quantum Mechanics.

Dr. Segman founded Oplus Technologies Ltd., serving as CEO and Chief Scientist. Oplus developed SOC (System ON Chip) solutions for the flat panel display market (Plasma, LCD, Projectors, etc.). The solution included dedicated mathematical algorithms for real-time resolution conversion, motion estimation and compensation, automatic phase and frequency lock, color enhancement, pixel entropy, pixel mode recognition and more. The technology was embedded on a dedicated IC (Chip) supported by software development tools, both of which were developed by the company. The company had over 120 employees and over 80 worldwide customers among them LG, Samsung, JVC, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, ACER (BENQ), Barco, and many others. The company raised funds from large entities such as DEFTA partners, Mitsui, Sony Family, Takanaka Corp., Benchmark, GIZA, BRM and more and eventually it was merged with Intel in 2005.

During the years 2002-2004, Dr. Segman has lived in Shanghai assisting a governmental company to develop flat screens.

Dr. Segman established Cnoga Medical Ltd in 2004. The company developed unique touch-free and non-invasive monitoring technology for reading various human bio-parameters based on the color image sensor ( Cnoga was the first to introduce biomedical monitoring from regular video camera without any touch and to develop a non-invasive handheld device called the TensortTip MTX which measures non-invasively over 14 bio-parameters such as blood gases (PCO2, PO2, O2, CO2), Hemodynamics (Pulse, Blood Pressure, Cardiac Output, SPO2, Stroke Volume, Blood Viscosity), Blood Count (Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, Red Blood Count) and Hemoglobin A1C. Further, the company is the first to launch non-invasive glucometer. Dr. Segman’s technology is now approved in over 33 worldwide countries. Currently, Dr. Segman serves as the company’s CEO and Chief Scientist.

Dr. Segman is also the author of numerous articles, patents and publications in the field of signal processing, neural computation and brain modeling and has won many professional awards such as the Ollendorff award of the Electrical Engineering Department IIT, D.Sc. award from ISEF and Jewish Agency, IBM award for an Outstanding MA research work in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and others.

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