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MD, Specialist and Fellow in Vascular Medicine, eHealth Master degree. A strong scientific background transferred in daily eHealth activities ad national and international level.

Vice president an Medical Director of CIRM, Centro Internazionale Radio Medico, one of the oldest telemedicine service in the world, in charge of Cardiovascular medicine at San Camillo-Forlanini Hospital in Roma. Nominated by Ministry of Health as Coordinator of the Italian National Committee for the governance of the implementation process of the Telemedicine National Guidelines.  Co-Author of Italian National Telemedicine Guidelines (2014 Italian Ministry of Health).

Member of Faculty in ASSIMSS society, (Italian System Medicine Society) Member of Scientific Council of AITIM Associazione Italiana di Telemedicina ed Informatica Medica, President of the national observatory of eHealth and Telemedicine ONSET. Member of ISfTeH International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth,  Co-Founder and Professor in the first e-Health European Master (university of Camerino). Past Italian National Representative al Life Science Scientific Standing Group in the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, SCAR, in charge of Telemedicine Activities,. Past Vice President and Member of the board of SIT (Società Italiana di Telemedicina). Director of technical panel in Infarto.Net Lazio region national STEMI network, medical director in ARGONAUTA and BRAVEHEARTH European Union projects.  Was Secretary of Joint Medical Group (from Scientific Commitee on Antarctic Research SCAR and Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs CoMNAP) and was CNR (Italian National Research Council) Researcher on telemedicine and the vascular adaptations to the extreme conditions, in charge of operative unit of Telemedicine in the research Project “Everest K2-CNR” (Pyramid on the bottom of the mount Everest Khumbu valley, 5050 mt, Nepal,) 1993-96 and responsible (1989-2001) of operative unit  of Telemedicine and Vascular Adaptations in the Italian National Research Program in Antarctica (PNRA) .


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