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Touch-free life-sign monitoring by a video camera

4 September 2006, Touch-free life-sign monitoring by video camera

Medical Technology Busniess Europe

CNOGA Inc. has developed contact-free physiological monitoring by using a simple video camera. The new technology can detect a person’s pulse rate, blood pressure, blood O2, CO2 and more from a distance by focusing on the patient’s skin.

The new technology opens vast applications for remote patient monitoring and diagnostics applications. CNOGA is developing a line of monitoring devices for professional and home use and is planning to receive regulatory approval during 2007.

CNOGA technology is based on novel bio chrominance information processing acquired from the video camera image sensor. The company says the technology can go beyond monitoring basic life-signs and detect the development of disease-specific biomarkers for heart failure, COPD, cancer, renal diseases, liver disease and more.

The new remote sensing technology will enable the identification of early development of diseases and change in the status of chronically ill patients, as well as emotional and physiological stress levels.

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