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CNOGA Compact CoG

Monitor your glucose non-invasively, monitor and share your data for better diabetes management by using CNOGA dedicated App

  • Non-invasive glucose measurement
  • New modern design and user-friendly interface
  • Compact, sleek, pocket size device
  • Connects to CNOGA dedicated diabetes management App
  • Enables real-time monitoring by your doctor
  • Clinically proven technology
FLAT compact CoG + iphone 1

CoG Compact - New Design

The Compact CoG is a new non-invasive glucometer in a new portable sleek design for fast accurate non-invasive glucose monitoring solution. This portable glucometer fits easily into your pocket and connects directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth and shares measurements with your doctor via your smartphone or tablet.

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FLAT compact CoG
FLAT compact CoG

By using the Compact CoG – non-invasive glucometer, with the support and monitoring by CNOGA Singular diabetes management App you will finally be able to lower your HBA1C levels.

    The CoG is your personal glucometer that adapts to the changes in your life style that affect your glucose patterns during the day. The Compact CoG combines invasive and non-invasive modules. The invasive module is intended for the personal calibration period. The combination of non-invasive glucose measurement and the connectivity to an exclusive CNOGA Singular diabetes management App provides you the best results to manage your condition.


MTX Lite is a new and improved all-in-one self-monitoring system in a modern innovative design

  • Non-invasive measurement of 15 bio-parameters
  • New modern design and user-friendly interface
  • Compact, sleek, pocket size device
  • Stay connected with your caregivers and family through the Singular App
  • Real-time monitoring by your doctor and your loved ones
MTX Lite
Singular app
17+ IPhone

This compact, pocket size and elegant design makes the MTX Lite a perfect mobile health accessory to follow-up your health at the comfort of your home, in an office and on the go. The friendly interface and easy non-invasive painless measurement allows you to keep track of your bio-parameters as many times as you want and thus follow-up the course of your health

Cnoga CoG Watch with Continuous Glucose Monitoring

CNOGA Smart watch is the first watch measures continuous hybrid non-invasive glucose levels

  • Non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring 
  • Monitoring additional parameters (Blood pressure, Hemoglobin etc.) 
  • New modern design and user-friendly interface
  • Suitable for children and adults (Type I, II diabetes)
  • Tracks your daily physical activity, nutrition and sleep
  • Alerts to remind users to check glucose level
  • Connects to the dedicated CNOGA Singular App
Cnoga Medical
Wearable Device 2

CNOGA smart watch will be designed especially for diabetic management and monitoring your fitness and health. Our unique technology will track your glucose level, daily activity, nutrition and sleep, and delivers insights based on your progress.
  We aspire to living in a world where you can monitor diabetes easily and without the need of daily pricking. Our R&D department works day and night on the ultimate smart watch that will allow you to track not only your physical activity, sleep and nutrition, but also  your continuous glucose levels.

Continuous combined monitoring of those bio-parameters will provide you the ultimate ecosystem for optimal management of your diabetes, less suffering, fewer medical complications and lower healthcare costs.
CoG Smart watch makes your life easier. CoG watch connects to a dedicated App (Android and iOS) to show you a complete data history over time, analyze it for better insights and share the results with caregivers or physicians. Furthermore, CoG watch can send alerts to remind users to check your glucose levels

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