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Terms of Warranty - CoG


We hereby congratulate you (the “Customer“) for the purchase of a device of Cnoga Medical Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company“).

  1. The warranty hereunder grants (A) 12 months warranty for the device (except for the battery) and (B) 6 months warranty for the battery of the device, from the date of delivery of the device to the customer (collectively the “Warranty Period“).
  2. The device repair shall be carried out at the offices of the Company in Israel upon presentation of proof of purchase.
  3. The Company undertakes, at its sole discretion, to repair any malfunctions that may have been caused by a defect in the materials or in hand-made process during the Warranty Period without an additional payment, including the replacement of the device or any parts thereof if necessary, provided that that the damage was not caused as a result of deliberate action by the Customer and that the maintenance of the device was carried out in accordance with the instructions of use manual that was given in writing to the Customer. In the event that the Company proves that the source of the damage is intentional damage or use that is not in accordance with the instructions of use manual, the Company shall be exempt from complying with the provisions of this
  4. In the event of a defect in the device, the Customer must immediately notify the Company by sending a message to the following e-mail address: and should provide the Company with evidences of the above-mentioned defect. If following the review of the evidences the Company agrees that the device is defective in accordance with the warranty certificate and its terms, the relevant provisions shall apply and the device shall be sent for repair at the offices of the Company at the following address: Tarshish 5, North Industrial Area Caesarea, Tel: 04-6361080, extensions 151 and 174.
  5. The Company shall provide the Customer with written approval detailing the nature of the repair.
  6. The Company undertakes to repair the device within 10 days from the date of receipt of the device at the Company’s offices.
  7. The Company undertakes to maintain a stock of spare parts (upon payment by the Customer) up to one year after the end of the Warranty Period.
  8. Please note! the Company’s liability under the warranty certificate and its terms shall not apply to:
    1. Consumable materials and accessories, such as a protective covering or finger chamber which can be wear out over time, unless the damage is caused by a defect in the materials or the manufacture of the device.
    2. Cosmetic repairs, including but not limited to scratches, depressions and broken plastics.
    3. Damage caused to the device as a result of malice or negligence by the Customer or a third party.
    4. Damage caused by the use of the device together with another instrument.
    5. Damage caused by accident, misuse, exposure to sun or heat, contact with liquid (moisture or corrosion), fire, earthquake or other external cause (including, without limitation, consequential or indirect damage).
    6. Damage caused as a result of using the device not in accordance with the Company’s instructions.
    7. Damage resulting from services (including upgrades and expansions) provided by a person or entity other than a representative of the Company or a certified service provider of the Company.
    8. A device which is been altered in a functional or operationally manner not by the Company or without the written consent of the Company.
    9. Disruption caused by normal wear or tear or by normal aging of the device.
    10. A device which its serial number has been removed or damaged.
    11. Minor defects or deviations from the device specifications, which are insignificant or negligible regarding the value or usefulness of the device.
  9. If the damage in the device is caused by one of the reasons specified in Section 8, the Company may demand, in its sole discretion, payment for repair or replacement of the device.
  10. Please Note! do not remove or modify the serial number on the device or its parts. Such removal and/or modification may prevent the ability to identify the device to which the warranty certificate and its conditions relates, and therefore prevent and/or make it more difficult for you to exercise your rights under the warranty certificate and its terms. In order to ensure your ability to exercise your rights according to law and according to the warranty certificate and its terms, in any request for service, you must present the warranty certificate with all its details duly completed, including the delivery date of the device to the customer.
  11. Repairing a damage in the device during the Warranty Period can result in the deletion of all data stored on the device. The Company does not guarantee the integrity of the data stored on the device prior to its repair.
  12. In the event that the repair of the device is not possible in accordance with the aforesaid, the Company shall provide the Customer with a new identical or similar device of the same quality and value to the device as the Company shall
  13. Applicable Law – the warranty is subject to the laws of the State of Israel and applies to devices purchased in the State of Israel. It is hereby clarified that the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981, which apply and in affect on the date of execution of the order are the binding provisions, even if these terms are stating otherwise.
  14. The warranty given hereunder is personal and is granted to the original customer only, e. the customer who purchased the device directly from the Company. Please note that Customer data will be required to appear in the Company’s database. By signing the warranty certificate, you agree to the storing of your data in the Company’s database. Any sale, rental or transfer of the device to a third party other than the Customer or use of the device by a third party other than by the Customer will immediately cause the annulment of the warranty, the warranty will not apply to the device and service will not be provided by the Company.
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